G.I. Gurdjieff was not your ‘standard-issue’ spiritual teacher. He used any means necessary to help his students come to a clear vision of themselves, to free them from being “the oppressors of our own selves, which, without knowing it, we were.”

“Gurdjieff: The Transmission of a Teaching” compiles the recollections of his direct students into a collage that reveals the kind of person Mr. Gurdjieff was, the transformations his students experienced as they matured under his watchful eye, and an in-depth look at various aspects of his teaching.

Approximately half the book consists of direct quotes from Gurdjieff, ones largely unavailable in the standard literature of ‘the Gurdjieff Work.’ And the many insights relayed by his students in the other half are as relevant today as the day they were written.

Every published account of his direct students was read as potential source material, and excerpts from over 50 of these sources are included in “Transmission of a Teaching.” These include the most cogent passages from works by C.S. Nott, J.G. Bennett, A.L. Staveley, Martin Benson, Fritz Peters, Kathryn Hulme, Michel Conge, William Segal, A.R. Orage, and many others.

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